TOKYO MATCHA SELECTION - [Imperial] Takaoka Tetsubin : Hojyu (Cintamani) Chrysanthemum Pattern w gold & silver inlay
From the Seller:
The standard shipping for this item is EMS (free shipping). Please make sure to select 'Standard shipping' when you order. *Please do NOT select 'Expedited'. *This item is made hand so it may have a little difference in color and drape. It may take time (a few weeks) from your order to shipping. Your understanding is greatly appreciated. PLEASE NOTE: This is a brand new arts and crafts item that was carefully created by a traditional Japanese artist. - This is not an antique product. - 100% made and crafted in Japan. - It is not a one of a kind only production. Takaoka Iron Kettle: Takaoka Iron Kettles are iron kettles produced in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. The biggest feature of the Takaoka Iron Kettle is a unique technique known as "Wax Casting" which creates a beautiful background pattern. It's history dates back to more than 400 years ago and its delicate yet dynamic technique has been passed on generation after generation by Takaoka craftsmen. About the Patterns: Hojyu (Cintamani) Chrysanthemum Pattern with gold and silver inlay - This elegant iron kettle has a relatively round body with a butterfly at the front, and chrysanthemum at the back. The unique and delicate surface has beautiful gold and silver inlayed using Nuzome Zogan (Fabric Pattern Inlay) method. The difference in texture between the chrysanthemum pedals, leaves and butterfly's wings are carefully expressed in three-dimension. PRODUCT INFO: Country: Takaoka city, Toyama pref, Japan - Grade: Imperial - Size: H21 * W16.5 cm (H8.27 * W6.5 inc) - Volume: 1.35 Liter - Weight: 1.5 kg / 3.31 lbs - Material: Body: Iron, Inlays: Real Gold and silver leaf, Lid: Copper (Reddish Color Base), Handle: Iron (Forged) - Wooden Box: Comes with a note of authenticity, Box Weight: 1.5 kg/3.3 lbs